Concrete Slab Repair


Much care is taken when a foundation is poured. There is a great deal of technical skill involved. After all, whether a house withstands the test of time or sinks and cracks is all dependent upon the foundation. When your home experiences structural damage, it is usually the result of a faulty foundation. It is our job to discover the source of the problem, confirm a diagnosis and make the necessary repairs. Concrete slab and pier beam repair should not be taken lightly. If you suspect that your foundation is in need of repair, contact McKinney Foundation Repair.

Causes of Concrete Slab Failure

There are many reasons why your concrete slab may prematurely fail. We typically receive calls for slab repair due to uneven settling. If the original slab was not poured on top of a reinforced sub based, it is likely to settle in the earth beyond what is considered normal. We often find that one side will settle more than the rest. This can cause you home to experience structural damage. Excessive water surrounding the foundation is another cause for concern. Once the water permeates the foundation it can cause mold, shifting and cracking beneath the surface. Tree roots constantly searching for nutrients can cause your foundation to shift, buckle and crack.

Benefits of Professional Slab Repair

There are a plethora of DIY slab repair videos that are circulating the Internet. While it is true that you and a buddy could spend an entire 3-day weekend repairing your foundation, the reality is that most homeowners are unable to yield professional results unless they are professionals themselves. When you hire a company like ours to make the necessary repairs, you are guaranteed a solution that you can live with for many years to come. You can spend your time focusing on other pressing needs while allowing a professional to handle the dirty work.

Superior Results

By utilizing a combination of technical skill + superior materials, we are able to render long lasting results. Forty years of work in the field have supplied us with the ability to mend any foundation problems you may have. We stay abreast of technical improvements in the industry along with different approaches that have been found successful in geographical locations that have a similar climate and soil composition. McKinney Foundation Repair has invested in equipment and tools that allow us to operate efficiently. We utilize these tools to the best of our ability to render the results you desire in less time than you could have ever predicted.

Economic Efficiency

When customers receive news that their foundation is in need of repair, they first thing they ask is, “How much is this going to cost?” We understand your concerns because foundation repair is nothing to take lightly. As complex as it may sound, the procedures we employ to repair your foundation are very simple. The difference between an arduous foundation repair and one than can be completed in a relatively short period of time is equipment and technique. We use highly advanced technology to work faster, thereby cutting costs. You will be surprised to discover how inexpensive our services are when compared to our competitors.