Commercial Foundation Repair

Houses are not the only structure that need foundation repair. Commercial structures are just as susceptible to foundation shifting, cracks and flooding. We work with homeowners and business owners alike. Our pricing is based on the scope of work and square footage. We don’t believe in price gouging our clients. Our company operates based on ethical profitability. Commercial client rates are identical to residential pricing. It would be our pleasure to assist you with all your commercial repair needs. McKinney Foundation Repair possesses the capacity to level your building, repair the slab and install drainage solutions.

Uninterrupted Business

Once we deliver a comprehensive diagnosis and inform businesses of the work that must be done, they usually pause at the thought of lost business. They assume that in order to do the work, their business will be interrupted. McKinney Foundation Repair are professionals. We can complete your project without disrupting business. Our staff can work outside of your normal operating hours to finish the task. We will provide you with an approximate timeline so that you can be prepared. The foreman will collaborate with the operations manager and security to ensure that your staff and clients have access to the building at all times.


The most important concern for businesses when selecting a foundation contractor is capacity. You want to know if the company you choose possesses the ability to get the job done as intended. It is common for companies versed in smaller residential repairs to throw their hat in the ring for larger, more lucrative commercial gigs. They try their hand even when they don’t have the capacity to meet your expectations. When you choose us, you can trust that our contractors are experienced and licensed. We don’t hire novices or day laborers to fill the gaps on large projects. McKinney Foundation Repair has invested in technologically advanced equipment and machinery that allows us to expedite more projects.


If you have an electric, gas or plumbing issue located under your foundation, tunneling is the best option. The other option is to bust a hole through you’re the slab and hope to hit the right spot. If the source of the problem was incorrectly located, we will have to drill multiple holes through your foundation. With tunneling, we can create an entry outside of your but adjacent to the foundation. Our slab professionals will dig a hole underneath the slab to access the pain point. While the tunnel is being dug, we put temporary support in place to ensure that the slab is not compromised.

Tunneling vs. Slab Cutting

There is a gas line that runs beneath your building. The line has a crack and it’s causing noxious fumes to permeate your business. The municipality has informed you that they will cover the repair costs. As part of the slab cutting process, your staff and clients will not have access to that area and the contractors will need to break through the tile and subfloor. This is followed by cutting the concrete. You can only imagine the amount of dirt, mud, dust and debris that this process will create. Tunneling is the better option. It allows you to continue with business per usual, while your staff and clients may never know that repairs are taking place outside. Call us today for free inspection.