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Welcome to McKinney Foundation Repair. We are the premiere foundation experts in Collin County, Texas. Our services extend to the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. We are proud to say that our foundation settlement repair cost is surprisingly affordable. In fact, most of our services are priced below market value. We are able to accomplish this feat by using technology to our advantage. A tight supply chain means that we are able to use superior materials to get the job done at a lower price. If you experience a foundation crack, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our office is open seven days a week.

About Us

Our 5-star Yelp reviews are reflective of the fact that we offer superior service at affordable prices. If you’d like to know how much foundation repair cost, simply give us a call. Describe in detail what you perceive the problem to be and we will be able to conduct a free inspection at your leisure. For over 40 years we have supplied the Dallas-Fort Worth area with A-1 foundation repair. If you want a foundation expert that you can trust, contact McKinney Foundation Repair.

We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
  • Family owned and operated
  • On-Site Supervision
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Discounts are Available for Teachers, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Nurses, Military, and Senior Citizens
  • Free Home Inspection for Homeowners
  • Financing Available
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty on Piers
  • Free Foundation Repair Estimates
One of our services includes: home/house foundation repair. We can fix foundation problems of any kind. We’ve never met a foundation that we couldn’t repair. When you enlist McKinney Foundation Repair the cost of fixing the foundation is minimal. As foundation repair specialists, we also offer house leveling, drainage services and crawlspace repair. Every client is entitled to a free inspection. The inspection includes a free estimate. Clients love that they are not under any pressure to procure services from us. When we complete the inspection, our have been given enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

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McKinney Foundation Repair

As a foundation repair contractor company, one of the services we offer is concrete slab repair. If you experience a foundation floor crack, it is typically due to the fact that your foundation has shifted. Not to worry because foundation repair cost is reasonable when you choose McKinney Foundation Repair. Foundation problems can be due to a myriad of things. If you suspect that you have foundation issues, please contact us right away.

​Pier & Beam/Crawlspace Repair

Searching for, “foundation companies near me” can yield many results. McKinney Foundation Repair is always one of the top 5 companies to populate due to our stellar reputation. We conduct pier & beam services with care and attention to detail. We use technology and and experience whenever performing Crawlspace repair. Excessive moisture and water is the cause of a great deal of foundation failures. We employ a complete system that includes an industrial grade humidifier and sump pump systems to remedy the situation.
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​Drainage Services

Drainage services are often used as preventative maintenance for pier beam foundations. If we don’t eliminate moisture near your foundation, mold, rot and decay will result. Wood and concrete are durable materials but next to water they are no match. It is imperative to remove water and moisture from your foundation to maintain the structural integrity of your home or business. Some symptoms of flooding and hi humidity levels include bouncy flooring and mold in the crawl space or underneath the subfloor.

“There was a plumbing leak underneath my foundation slab. Instead of drilling through my floor and through the foundation, McKinney Foundation Repair tunneled underneath it. This eliminated a great deal of damage that I would have had to repair. The leak was mended and my life is back to normal.” – Burt C.


“As a retiree, I was worried when McKinney Foundation Repair informed me that I had an issue with my foundation. I thought it would be cost prohibitive to fix until they gave me a free estimate. I was able to have the foundation repaired without breaking the bank.” Carlos G.


“I began to notice that my windows were increasingly difficult to open and shut. A couple of the doors in my home wouldn’t close. That’s when someone told me that I may have an issue with my foundation. McKinney Foundation Repair installed a system in the crawlspace to eliminate the excess moisture and they leveled my home. I have my house back again!” – Sandra B.


​House Leveling

Pier and beam, block and base foundations repairs are one of the many services we offer. McKinney Foundation Repair is also versed in house leveling. You may find that you need a settlement repair. House leveling is often conducted once the foundation has been leveled and repaired. Clients typically contact us after they have noticed cracks in the walls, ceiling and flooring. As a result, we also conduct structural damage repair for homes and business.

​Commercial Foundation Repair

If you own a business and have cracked concrete, contact us for commercial foundation repair. Slab repair is part and parcel of what we do. A specialist will conduct a foundation inspection before commencing any work. If we determine settling problems or other issues intrinsic to your foundation, you will be informed along with action plans for a viable solution. A cracked slab is nothing to take lightly but it is not the end of the world. We have the capability to repair your foundation without interrupting your business.

​Free Inspection

A free inspection estimate always precedes any house raising service we may offer. An extremely informed inspection is one of the features that makes us the best, top, affordable foundation company in the area. There are many companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area that repair concrete cracks but none offer the unique combination of amazing customer service, technical know-how and attention to detail. Our affordable pricing is only icing on the cake.

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There are several foundation repair methods that we employ to rescue a home or business from foundation failure. The procedure we use is dependent upon the client’s budget and their unique set of circumstances. Our foundation repair reviews are stellar. It didn’t happen by accident. We have made sure that each foundation repair service offered goes above and beyond what is expected. McKinney Foundation Repair offers commercial and residential foundation services. Each situation is unique and our team is accustomed to designing personalized results for clients while keeping their budget in mind. For more information about the services offered and accompanying pricing, contact us via phone or email. Today.