Drainage Services


You may require our drainage and house leveling services for a few reasons. Perhaps your home is on a plot of land that that has a tendency to accumulate water without adequate drainage. You may have experienced a flood in your home or underneath your property due to a plumbing malfunction or act of God. Either way, we can help. You may be wondering how drainage issues can impact your foundation. If water can erode mountains, you can only imagine what it can do to your foundation. A continuous flow of water or moisture will wreak havoc on your foundation, ultimately causing thousands of dollars of structural damage.

What is Drainage Correction?

Drainage correction is a term foundation professionals use to describe any treatment that impacts how water drains on your property. In some cases, the problem lies within the home. We may need to install a humidifier or sump pump in your crawlspace. In some cases, we install a French drain to direct water away from your foundation. This tactic prevents water from permeating the concrete slab. To help you manage ground water that may accumulate from rain, an entire sump pump system can be installed. The pump along with the basin and battery back up sump pump is more than enough to keep your crawlspace and foundation free from water build up.

Benefits of Drainage Correction

Proper drainage of water from your property not only helps to preserve the foundation of your home but it also prevents mosquito infestations. Summers in Texas can be brutal. The intense ultra violet rays combined with annoying mosquito swarms can make summer a nightmare. Some mosquitos carry the West Nile Virus. Protect your family from mosquito born diseases by getting a hold of your drainage issues. Once we are able to control the water flow on your property, your home is less likely to shift off its foundation. Believe it or not, drainage correction is great for your flower beds and vegetable gardens. Excess water has a tendency to flood and suffocate vegetation.

Scientific Drainage Correction

We don’t recommend that you hire a plumber to do a foundation expert’s job. When you are diligent and enlist a specialized professional, you get specialized results. We incorporate exact science and gravitational formulas to remedy any drainage problem you may have. When you rely on technology, all the guesswork is removed from the equation. Drainage correction can create complicated scenarios. The goal is to be exact each and every time. We are able to combine formal engineering training with 40 years of experience. If you suspect that you may have a drainage problem, contact McKinney Foundation Repair today.

Drainage Correction Solutions

There are several solutions that we can employ to remedy your drainage woes. Sump pumps are just the tip of the iceberg. One of our drainage experts can meet with you to assess your property. If deemed helpful, she will discuss whether area drains or surface drains will benefit your property. French and channel drains are another option to prevent pools of water from accumulating on your property, while also thwarting mosquito infestations. Catch basins and grates are a great solution for flower beds and vegetable gardens. Backyard entertainment is a large part of Texas culture. Drainage solutions allow you to enjoy summer barbecues with ease.